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Review: Before I Go To Sleep

(Contains Spoilers)
Author - SJ Watson
Genre - Thriller
No. of Pages - 368
Year of Publication - 2011
Rating - ❤️❤️❤️(3.5)
I admit, this book had me guessing till the end. And the ending wasn't something that I saw coming. I found this book far more thrilling than 'The Girl On The Train' which was somehow predictable for me. In the beginning, I didn't have even a speck of hint or clue about the climax. That's the thing that kept me glued to this book and I read it by spending my one whole day.

I won't say it was a "proper page turner". I had some difficulty in reading the starting one-third part of it because it wasn't much appealing and things were repetitive. But it took a pace after around half of it was read. And the climax was excellent.

The book revolves around a woman named Christine Lucas who is suffering from amnesia. She is living from moment to moment without having any idea about her past or future. Her case of amnesia is quite different and u…
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Big Little Things (2)

So guys, my summer-before-college phase has officially started (as all my entrance exams are over) and I am deeply bored to my core. Ugh.

The summer before college is an important and grooming phase of our lives. Getting ready for the college life, new wardrobe, new friends (not to forget the old ones), everything is so new and exciting. 
I browsed through many lists like: "What to do during the summer before college?", "How to get yourself ready for your college life?", "How to be productive during the summer before college?" 
And what I concluded is: the most important and fun thing to do is to make yourself happy. We students, have toiled throughout the years at school and now also these stupid lists suggest things like: take a class relating to your course of study in college, work on your CV etc.
Dude, who does that? You will have ample of time to work on your CV or study "your course", once the college starts. So doing something which you alwa…

Review: My Name Is Memory

Author - Ann Brashares
Genre - Young-Adult/Fantasy/Romance No. of Pages - 324 Year of Publication - 2010
Rating - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Oh my goodness, this book is pure magic. I had been longing to read this book for a really long time and finally I read it. And the wait was totally worth it.

If you have even a speck of interest (if not belief) in the concept of reincarnation, please read this book. I can guarantee, you won't be disappointed. I don't remember how I came across this book, maybe through Pinterest. But when I read the plot summary, I knew I have to read this book for sure. Somehow, I also knew that this book won't disappoint me.

The starting of this book is somewhat slow, for a few pages you might not be persuaded to read further but once you get to the core, there's no coming back.

I found myself fervently turning the pages always thinking 'then what happened?' I was so lost in this book, I just couldn't put it down.

The protagonist of this book is Daniel, a yo…

Big Little Things (1)

Here, in 'Big Little Things', I am going to share my unique experiences with my readers. Things that make my day better or worse. No, this is not going be any sort of diary. Just some random things, which might interest me and my readers. 

After all, sometimes something apart from books can be interesting and rejuvenating too.

Here, I will share my thoughts and experiences about the little things in life which have a big value. So that's how I came up with-Big Little Things.

So, this first post is about Time Capsule.

I recently visited a school for one of my entrance exams and while I was standing in the queue for my bio-metric verification, something caught my eye.

There were nearly 20 other students standing in adjacent queues and in my queue, but no one seemed to notice. Maybe, they were not as much interested as I was. Maybe, they had just come to give the exam and get rid of it. Maybe, they weren't aware of all the beautiful and fascinating things around them. But who …

Review: Love, Rosie aka Where Rainbows End

Author - Cecelia Ahern
Genre - Romance
No. of Pages - 592 
Year of Publication - 2004
Rating - ❤️❤️(2.5)
The readers who loved Ahern's debut novel, (P.S. I Love You) must have searched for other books by her and must have come across this book, which is her second novel. 

Same happened with me. I loved the former so much that I wanted to read more of Cecelia Ahern. And after reading other reviews of this book I came to know that this book is written in epistolary structure in the form of letters, text messages, e-mails, newspaper articles etc. 

This aspect of the book made it stand out for me. This was the main thing that caught my interest and made me read this book. But apart from this factor, there wasn't much that caught my attention. Nothing too out of the way or too surprising happened. 

Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart have been childhood friends but an unfortunate event occurs on their prom night and nothing is ever the same. And unintentionally, Alex is the one responsible for th…