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Distant: A Poem

I have a memory of her face
faded in some ways
and yet her features still bleed
through my mind and clot at some places
I am never able to rub away
those uncertainties,
her voice no more reaches my ears
After all, it's so far away,
so distant that I can't travel back now
and somewhere in my heart
I know I never should.
We had been four
or maybe five
when we played for hours on end
and I never happened to think
that she could ever vanish
from my life
just like that
and now, if I look back
these years seem so futile
which have flown by,
never ending up with a friend like her
whom I wanted to keep
for maybe, a lifetime.
Even though, I still have people
who care about me
and those who want to see me smile
I wonder where she must be?
what must she be doing?
does she also think about me?
or is it just me and my insight?
I don't really blame her
if she finds it fine
to just forget all the games we played,
all the lunches we had together.
I know the agony
of finding a good frie…
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What does it take to be a Writer?

If you are reading this, I am assuming that you are interested in reading(if not in writing). Reading and writing are closely connected to each other. I personally believe that a great writer is born out of a diligent reader. And in my case, a knack of reading gave birth to the passion of writing.

I want to apologize to my readers for not being able to write book reviews more often. Actually, I am short on time but I try to write as much as possible.

To start with, as a writer the foremost thing that you have to bear and appreciate is criticism. You will get criticized by people A Lot. And it's not always that ignorant people will criticize you but you will also find that the readers who are not interested in the genre you write, will criticize you as long as they are reading your stuff or until your work becomes the reason which develops their interest in your genre and let me tell you, that is a tough task.

But on the positive side, criticism also helps a writer develop. Not just …

Review: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Author - Agatha Christie
Genre - Thriller/Mystery
No. of Pages - 368
Year of Publication - 1926
Rating - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I can never help loving Christie's work. And I am never disappointed or bored by a single page of her books. I read this book having an assumption that this time I would be able to guess the climax and the ending.

But I was totally astonished by the climax. I actually gaped at the pages with disbelief. The ending of this book is unimaginable, however hard you try. If you want to read classics but don't know where to start, start with a Christie's novel. I assure you, you will never get disappointed.

I had randomly picked one of her books at the book fair once and since then I have enjoyed reading her work.

The protagonist of this book is Dr. Sheppard and also, the accomplice of Hercule Poirot in this murder mystery. Dr. Sheppard receives a call just after he returns from a meeting with Roger Ackroyd. The mysterious caller breaks the news of Roger Ackroyd getting mur…

My Debut Novel

Hey Guys!
I am really sorry that I haven't been blogging lately, just that I have been busy developing my instagram account and handling my college chaos. But I have a really great news!

I have been working lately on my debut novel "Dear Robert,". It's been a few months, I have reached chapter 7, I know there's still a long way to go. But I just thought of updating you all so that I can get your feedback. I have published the prologue of my novel on

Kahaniya is holding a competition for young unpublished writers. The competition's duration is from 21st May to 21st Nov.  The top three writers will get their novels published and there is scope for those also who don't win the competition. They can negotiate a suitable price with Kahaniya and get their novel published.

Kahaniya is conducting this competition in various regional languages apart from English. The competition has been launched by the politician Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Please do v…

My First Week of Instagramming

So I finally made a page on instagram featuring my work; @wordseloquent (poetry and quotes). For the start, it was so addictive, I didn't update my blog for several days. One thing is clear: gaining audience and connections on instagram is much more easier than gaining audience for a blog.

On fifth day of my page's opening, I have 190 followers and still counting. Maybe people liked my poetry more than my book reviews and blogposts but I doubt that. I think it's just the probability of getting noticed.

On the World Wide Web, you have to strive hard to get noticed. But on instagram, you drop a few comments, like a few posts relating your page's theme (and of course have great content) and you get tons of followers easily. Not to mention the use of appropriate hashtags is essential. 

Some of the hashtags I almost always use are: #spilledink #poetry #poemporn #wordporn #bleedingink #girlpoets #shortpoems #writersofig etc. You can check out other tags in my posts and various …